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Erica Blumfield strives to tell compelling, authentic, and inspirational stories which incorporate the comedy and the tragedy of life, and reflect the universal power of the human spirit to harness positivity, make connections and survive.


“Revealed” is a true and personal storytelling show, hosted by Erica Blumfield. It brings together the best storytellers of LA, who share stories that will range from the ridiculous, humorous, magical and heartwarming. A night filled with laughter and tears this show will entertain and inspire.

First Sundays @ 7 PM
The Glendale Room (127 Artsakh Ave, Glendale, 91206)

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Revealed - Erica Blumfield at the Glendale Room

About Erica

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Erica Blumfield is an LA- based storyteller. She has appeared on shows and podcasts across the country, including, RISK!, The Storytellers Project, and NAMI WA: The Brainpower Chronicles. Her storytelling was featured in the Los Angeles Times and the Ventura County Star. When she’s not telling stories you can find her teaching Children’s Literature and Creative Writing to elementary school children.
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Erica shares the chaos that ensues after she accidentally signs herself into a mental hospital and how her tenacity leads her to finding stability.

Featured Stories

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A medical professional shames Erica for having bipolar disorder,it prompts her to reflect on motherhood, a love lost, an unexpected friendship with a sex worker, and her journey through madness and back.

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Erica recounts the story of how she found the courage to reveal her diagnosis despite the fear of losing a career she loves.

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Knowing the red carpet is waiting for her, Erica moves to Hollywood with one suitcase and a hatbox. But when everything is not as it seems in LALA land, reality threatens her chances for the happy Hollywood ending she longs for.


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Storyteller Erica Blumfield recounted an emotional time when she was in the middle of a bipolar manic episode…
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When Erica Blumfield went through a bi-polar episode in 2003, she ended up homeless before…
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Erica Blumfield sits down with host Peg Morrison of NAMI NC and shares insights based on her own experience and knowledge of BIpolar Disorder. The interview covers a wide range of topics from diagnosis to recovery and everything in between.

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